About Us

Welcome to the Claiborne House!

Tony & Shellie your innkeepers at The Claiborne House B&B of Rocky Mount Virginia

Meet the Innkeepers

Shellie and Tony have owned the circa 1895 Victorian Queen Anne “The Claiborne House” since 2004. They moved to Rocky Mount Virginia from the Pacific NorthWET where they lived and built a home on some acreage. ┬áPrior to that they lived in Australia where Tony served 10 years in the Royal Australian Navy and Shellie worked for the Health Dept and DoD. They have been married 25 years and have two lovely daughters who attend high school and are both active in marching band. GO EAGLES!

Shellie calls herself the “Innside” innkeeper as she does all things B&B related inside, from creating this website you are reading now, our funky blog Coffee Talk, photography, exploration and more! She does all the marketing, business management and decorating at the inn. She is also the cook and creates the fantastic breakfasts she knows you will innjoy.


Tony is the cheeky Australian who has his hands full with all things “Outside” the inn. He built the three ponds in the gardens, remodeled the wash house into “The Love Shack” and more. He is the Aussie Bob Villa, the handy-man with a dash of Tim-the-Tool man-Taylor. Landscaping, gardening, and all things exterior are his forte, even down to brick restoration. But these are the things that keep him busy in addition to his full time job in I.T.

“We look forward to serving you here at the inn and making you feel at home. We hope you can take a few quiet moments to take in the scenery from our porch or ponds, hold the hand of the one you love and relax and refresh. There is no place quite as special as the Blue Ridge of Virginia!” -Your innkeepers

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