Picnic on the Parkway Package

Picnic here! The most photographed place in the Blue Ridge Parkway~

A romantic picnic for two at the Claiborne House

A personalized list of special picnic locations and hikes like this waterfall - The Claiborne House

Another special place on the BRP with views of Franklin County VA


Picnic Package is Just $45 and Includes:

  1. Delicious sandwiches for two,  sides, dessert and drinks.
  2. A red and white checkered picnic blanket, to sit in the shade of a big hickory tree.
  3. A personalized list of picnic spots and hikes (as shown above) in and around an hour of The Claiborne House. This is a very special and romantic list, given out only with the Picnic Package. We can send you a link to a Google Map with each location and directions from The Claiborne House.

Larger map with driving directions given if picnic package is booked

This package works best with a 2-night stay as we require our basket be returned (not available for single night reservations).  You can order this package year-round, but recommended scenic months are in the Spring through Fall (April-October). Subject to availability. Select ROMANTIC PICNIC FOR TWO on our online reservations when you reserve your room.