Claiborne House made the cover of Outdoor Design and Living!We made the cover of this magazine! Read more here.

We had a Mother and Daughter getaway here and the daughter Meg wrote a couple blog articles about her stay! We think you will thoroughly enjoy Meg’s blog, on twitter she says:

“Faith, Family, Thrifting, Outdoors-ing, and lots and lots of food. Southern as a turnip green” 

More than Just a Mattress and a Meal

Welcome to the Wettest County in the World

ONLINE REVIEWS: Trip Advisor charges us $500 per year for a LINK to our website. So for that, we are being bold and not providing a link back to them for free. Feel free to go there and read our reviews, we would be super pleased to have you do that. We are #1 in Rocky Mount and have 88 Reviews!

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